City of Splendors: Waterdeep

Session I

Adventurers Assemble

Civilar Hawkwinter approaches each of the characters separately because of their special interest in the recent emergence of multiple thieves guilds in Waterdeep. The guilds have always been present, but an obvious guild war has begun in Dock Ward. The Watch itself cannot be trusted, as the guilds have agents throughout the Watch, Guard and perhaps even the government.

Tiarmus wished to solve the brutal murders of his merfolk friends in the harbor that he called home.

Smiggly, with the blessing of Highpriestess Naneatha Suaril of Selune, agreed to undertake the mission of ridding Waterdeep of the Plague Rats, a guild of wererat thieves and assassins.

Feanor Firebrand, a guest at the House of Wonder and stranger to Waterdeep, agreed to aid the allied Church of Selune in its quest. Faenor may have his own agenda as well.

Together the assembled party met their last member, Arius Arinion at Whirling Blades, a seedy blacksmith shop in Dock Ward. Unpopular with his mentor, young Arius was excited to take up a life of adventuring with his new comrades.

Hawkwinter promises the party 5 gp for each 30 hours of work on behalf of the Watch. He stresses that he will contact the party when he needs, and not to contact his unless it is an emergency. Their subterfuge is of the utmost importance in uncovering the plots of the guilds.

Rogue zpsea4728f6Feanor gathers information around the streets of Dock Ward, hearing that the Keelhauled Dwarf Tavern is a good source of information relating to the reemergence of the guilds. The party visits the tavern and sits to have a drink when two member of the Watch walk in. The Watch members seem abusive, shoving and threatening the patrons as they make their way to the bar. The bartender subtly slips the Watch members a piece of paper. They take a look at it and grin. The party tails them as they leave.

The party tracks the Watch members through several back alleys of the Docks, finally stopping as the Watch begin speaking to a cloaked man. The cloaked man’s head snaps to attention as he notices the party. He instantly stabs both Watch members in the throat with a pair of daggers and takes off through the alley. The give chase through crowds and onto rooftops, finally stopping in the rear of several shops where the thief’s comrades lay in wait.

Crossbow bolts fly as and battle is underway. The party makes quick work of the thieves, one being knocked out cold. The garrison of the Watch arrives, telling the party to drop their weapons and questioning them about the deaths of the two Watch several streets away. The party is cleared of suspicion and the lone thief is taken into Watch custody.

A member of the infamous Red Sashes appears on the rooftop above the party suddenly, telling them that if they wish to pursue the wererat infestation of Waterdeep they should investigate Deloun Alley. The Red Sash vanishes as quickly as she appeared.

Taking the lead, the party ventures to Deloun Alley and opens the manhole cover leading into the sewer beneath. Crawling down into the waste of the city above, it is not long before they overhear the conversation of three hissing, rodent-like voices.

“Our pet beyond has made a nice meal of the merfolk.”
“Yesssss…their flesh is sweet as that of the humans.”
“What was that?”

Enraged at the slaughter of his friends, Tiarmus jumps from the cover of the sewer walls and unleashes a flurry of blows upon the wererats. The party follows and a difficult fight ensues, the lycanthropes resistant to the weapons of the party. Finally the rats falls, and the party makes its way further into the sewers toward the wererats, “pet.”

In the next junction room they find a pair of lizardfolk and the vile otylugh. After a bloody battle Tiarmus confirms that the monster’s clawed appendages match the marks on the grates that cover the pipes to the harbor. They also match the wounds on his dead friends…

Tired and injured, the party arises from the sewer and rests, taking a fine meal the next morning at the Titty and Whistle.



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